OTC Exchange Network (“OTCXN”) is looking for the best and brightest who can be both fantastic team players and individual contributors to join our family. We want rock-stars without rock-star attitudes, newbies who aren’t afraid to take charge, people who dream big and can share a path to their vision, but most importantly, we want balanced people.  

Does this sound like you?

Do you play well with others? Of course we can’t be best friends with everyone, but you’re a natural for getting along with people and others feel that way about you too (that’s key!). Though you may get upset with someone, those issues fall off like water on a duck’s back.

If someone threw you into a completely different area, e.g., software to hardware, backend to frontend, individual contributor to product manager, with time, would someone think you were a natural?

You’re the type of person that genuinely prefers to help out where others are weak and you’re also always open to accepting help with your own weaknesses. You understand no one is perfect.

Are you a code ninja that solves problems in better ways others have never thought about?

You eschew the idea that highly performant platforms are only possible via a network of micro-services because you believe the entire stack / system should be made highly performant; starting from the core.

Do you believe you could accomplish anything so long as you had the time to do so?

Cookie-cutter projects with only off-the-shelf components bore you because you want to build, innovate, and create.

You believe one is either part of the problem or part of the solution; and you’re always part of the solution.

If this sounds like you, you might fall into one of the following roles if you meet some additional requirements:

Principal Software Engineer

You can school us or eloquently explain various cryptographic protocols, commitment schemes, mathematical concepts, smart contracts, etc., (think anything utilized in the Blockchain today and well into the future) and their application and/or use.

Some might call you a master polyglot programmer because you’ve got more years of experience with various languages (that you still use) than you have fingers to count.

You not only envision new features, technologies, algorithms, products, etc., but you can devise a blueprint for the various steps needed for execution. If your head is in the clouds, but you can’t lay the pathway down from A to Z, this probably isn’t for you.

You’re a natural leader and people enjoy being around you.

Senior Software Engineer

Of course you aren’t some fresh new grad, you’ve got some years under your belt and it shows, because you have worked on various levels, services, layers, etc., for many projects.

You might call yourself a polyglot programmer, but you haven’t spent several years with each language professionally.

You might have had some experiences regarding various cryptographic protocols, blockchains, smart contracts, etc.

You might not be a leader, but you can step up when needed and people have no problem following your lead.

Software Engineer

You might be a new grad or someone still working on accumulating some years, but you got spunk, skills, knowledge that is just waiting for the right time to bloom and share with the world.

You want to make a difference and don’t want to be just another cog in the wheel.

You are very open to learning from others and when given the opportunity, always willing to jump in and give it your all.

Our number one priority is to encourage a great working environment. Disregarding your skills and focusing on a personal level, if you’re the person people would be happy to see go rather than come, you aren’t the right fit for us.


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