Drew is the CTO of OTCXN and is responsible for the architecture and implementation of the company’s proprietary, ground-up Blockchain fabric and P2P trading network. Previously Drew was Director of Software Development at PeerNova, a Silicon Valley Blockchain firm, where he led the development of proprietary Blockchain implementations for major Tier-1 institutions such as NASDAQ, State Street and Overstock.com, whose T0 platform is currently the first and only non-cryptocurrency based trading platform in production in the world based on Blockchain technology. His experience and expertise spans writing ground-up implementations of private permissioned Blockchains in C, C++, and Java, for mission critical use cases requiring high-performance and enterprise scale and supporting specialized requirements related to asset issuance, tokenization, settlement, provenance, and data privacy. He is a graduate of National University (BS) and enrolled in Stanford University’s Advanced Computer Security Program.